Brings to life Traditional methods in to a modern ever changing world, teaching men, women & children all together in a safe & controlled environment, training all students in a systemized syllabus form for grading purposes, teaching the true aspect of the techniques taught in class.
Students learn from open / empty (Kara) hand (Te) defence and attacks progressing on to stick (Escrima), knife (Tanto), long or short-handled trident (Sai) & many more weapons, they are taught not only how to wield them correctly but also how to defend with the weapons or with no weapons in their hands, this is shown and taught correctly and safely. The Rising Sun School of Wado-Ryu is able to adapt all taught techniques to any persons ability & level of fitness , the Rising Sun School of Wado-Ryu goes above and beyond by offering more than just being a kick and punch club by teaching & studying the theory as well as the ethos within this style of Martial Art. So don't be shy, why not give us a try, were more than a club, were a family.

Dojo Training



we take children from 7 years upwards, we hold 2 classes every Monday and Thursday evenings, 1st class is for 1 hour which is designed for new starters, this is ideal for younger children and suitable for up to 10 year olds or once they have taken a few gradings and require longer training time & moved up in to our 2nd class which is for 2 hours.

40+ years Experience in Wado Ryu Karate, holds Dan levels in other styles of Martial Arts & has been teaching for over 25 years, Chair of The Rising Sun Association of Martial Arts Soke & Sensei - Wado Ryu, Ninja Squad, Self Defence.

- Darrel Haigh
7th Dan.

40+ years experience in Martial Arts as well as knowledge in other styles and systems, Renshi is one of our main teachers in this Dojo, has been teaching for 10 years.

- Chris Hollings
4th Dan.

18 years practitioner in Wado-Ryu Karate, was the main teacher for 6 years at our Dojo in East Cowick (Goole). Is now a visiting teacher at this Dojo,10 years teaching experience.

- Kelly Hanlon
3rd Dan.

Wado Ryu Disciplined & has Practiced Wado Ryu For 6Yrs. Is one of our Main Instructors Of The Club & Has been teaching for 3yrs.

- Mick Ayling
      1st Dan

Hold 3rd Dan In Tomiki Aikido as well as gaining 2nd Dan In Wado-Ryu as well as honoured with the title of Tashi. Is one of the Instructors at this Dojo

- Penny Siddle
         2nd Dan

Our first EVER Junior 1st Dan Has been training Wado-Ryu Karate for 5yrs Now a main Teacher assistant in the Club Dojo

- Ethan Exley
      Junia Kyoushi
     1st Dan (Junior)

Welcome To The Rising Sun School of Wado-Ryu