Teaching the Tomiki system to Men, Women, Children & Families, taking on Children from as early as 7 years of age and above.

The Tomiki system is a partner based sports system of the original aikido style, teaching you how to use your opponents body weight and stature to your advantage, breaking their balance to move them to be whipped, thrown or to emobilized them. Tomiki system is designed to keep you active as well as fit while learning a Martial Art, some Martial Arts or sports systems only train one way or the other BUT the Tomiki system is doing both, it combines techniques so the Uki & Tori (Attacker & Defender) can keep moving, which means the non stop techniques will continuously keep both partners going & increases fitness as well as defensive knowledge.
The Rising Sun School of Aikido not only teach the Tomiki system but will also teach you the self-defence applications of this sports form. The Tomiki system is designed to introduce weapons @ various stages of level of grade, break falls & rolling  being a key part in the Tomiki & Aikido styles due to preparing ones self for "IF" required to save your body from harm if ever thrown or pushed to the ground. It is a very fun way of keeping fit while also learning a self-defence.
So don't be shy, why not give it a try ???? we're more than just a club.... we're a family!

Dojo Training


we take children from 7 years upwards, we hold 2 classes every Friday evening, 1st class is for 1 hour which is designed for new starters, this is ideal for younger children and suitable for up to 10 year olds or once they have taken a few gradings and require longer training time & moved up in to our 2nd class which is for 2 hours.

Founder of
The Rising Sun School of Aikido 20 years training in the Tomiki Aikido Style, Is the Main instructor at the Dojo.

                 - Penny Siddle
                       3rd Dan