welcome to the association

The Association likes to think that ALL our members become part of a Martial Arts Family,
We like to come visit our members to observe & learn from each other.
We pride ourselves on helping ALL members obtain training as well as providing courses such as Health & Safety,
DBS/CRB, Fire Assessments, GDPR, First Aid, Seminar's, Multi-Style Budo Course's, Black Belt Only Courses.
On becoming a member of The T.R.S.A.O.M.A you will find the below available to you & your Dojo.

Licence Booklet

this licence booklet has been designed by the association to track all grades taken, courses, seminars and more

Student Insurance

renewable every year at a competitive rate
insurance cover for you and your students
if ever you or your students need it.

instructors insurance

We can also provide you with teaching insurance under the T.R.S.A.O.M.A Banner.
As an Instructor you must by law have instructors insurance & Instructors Liability, we can offer this at Competitive price too.

instructors certification

Instructors Training
Health & Safety
Your Obligations
Certificates needed
Child Protection
Where to find help
Teaching Techniques
Ranking System

mon, kyu, dan certificates

For Gradings you get in touch with us & tell us how many Certificates you require for Kyu grades & we send these out to you (1 months notice required so we are able to get them to you in time), we register & hold your returned Pass grade sheet along with set grading fee.
We believe in the traditional ways that you can only grade up to 2 grades below your belt (i.e Nidan degree black belts can only grade up to ikkyu Brown/ gold tag / equivalent in your style).

official dan grade wall

We hold Dan Gradings Every November @ Multi-Style Budo Course's & are set to price fee. All Dan Grades Are again registered & paper trail kept as well as your club and level of Dan been placed on to our OFFICIAL DAN Grade's page.


Browse in our shop dojo

Here you will find ALL your Dojo needs as well as Club sold items.

t.r.s.a.o.m.a council

Founded on 1st January 2018 But Trained In Martial Arts For Over 40 Years.
Run by a committee NOT run by one person.
Built for Traditional Martial Art Clubs with Traditional Ways in mind
An Association Built With Traditional Martial Artists Who have years of experience within the Martial Art world and not only have they practice their art but continually study it.

Chair & GDPR Officer Soke Darrel Haigh
40 years Martial Arts Practitioner
The Chair has no vote, is their to run the Council
to make sure meetings are run fairly & to make sure ALL
have had their say before casting a vote, Can bring issue's & voice
of Club Members to the table for discussion & invite Club Member
to the Council for fair hearing.
Runs meeting & Meets & Greets New
Club Members.
Looks after All Sensitive Data within the GDPR sector
Is the only person to keep Personal Records & is
Sole Representative to do so.
Also looks after our IT.

- Darrel Haigh
Soke & Chair
7th Dan.

Advertising & Media Consultant
Sensei Kelly Hanlon
14 years Martial Arts Practitioner
Our advertising personnel, Liaison for All our
Association Advertising & Social Gatherings, takes
all news to advertise in local papers as well as local to
our Club members papers.
Has voice on the Council & Able to cast a vote.

- Kelly Hanlon
Sensei, Advertising &
Media Consultant
      3rd Dan

Health & Safety Officer
Sensei Christopher Hollings
40+ years Martial Arts Practitioner,
On events, courses & seminars looks after All aspects
of health & safety around buildings we hire or train in,
keeps H/S up to date with new legislation's.
Can assist With T.R.S.A.O.M.A
Members in H/S matters in their Dojo's.
Keeps Compliance in place for safe practice of
Martial Arts.
Has voice on the Council & Able to cast a vote.

- Chris Hollings
4th Dan.

Fundraiser & Events Organizer
Tashi Lisa Dixon
33 years Martial Arts Practitioner
Organizes fundraising events for our association as well
as able to help other Club Members events.
Has voice on the Council & Able to cast a vote.

- Lisa Dixon
3rd Dan.

This makes up our Council
This is
The Rising Sun Association
Martial Arts

Associations Secretary Sensei Penny Siddle
20 years Martial Arts Practitioner looks after ALL Association Invoicing & spending takes care of reviewing Association price rises, Has a voice on the Council & Able to cast a vote.

- Penny Siddle
  Sensei & Secretary
   3rd Dan